Dawn of the New Hour Enemy
Slime Basic
Level HP MP
{{{Level}}} 300 0
Strength Defense Magic
12 11 8
M. Defense Agility Luck
8 10 10
15 5
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Thunder
100 100 100
Water Earth Wind
50 100 100
Holy Dark Time
100 100 100
Location Woodbury District
Chapter(s) Demo I
Common Steal {{{Common Steal}}}
Rare Steal {{{Rare Steal}}}
Gil Steal {{{Gil Steal}}}
Common Drop Rain Shard (20%)
Rare Drop Potion (10%)
Very Rare Drop Hi-Potion (7%)
Abilities Attack, Guard
Status Resist nil
Status Immunity nil
Other Information {{{Info}}}

        The Basic Slime is known in-game as simply Slime. It is the most basic form of Slime, knowing the least amount of attacks.


The slime is comprised of, well, slime. Its body is a gelatin-like substance, somewhere between a liquid and a solid. Its eyes have glowing irises.


The following stats for the basic slime is based on base stats. Player level changes the level of the enemy, changing these stats by a percentage.