The Cheat Shop, or Cheat Menu, is a hidden shop located within an unknown location. Currently it resides just in the data of the game.


The Cheat Shop is mainly designed like any other shop: the player is able to "buy" cheats by using accumulated gold to trade in for various ultra-boosts.


Cheats available for purchase include:

  • Level Increase - increases the party's level by one.
  • Level Decrease - decrease the party's level by one.
  • Endless Magic - decrease the cost of Magic Points down to 0MP.

More will be added as the information is updated.


The location of the Cheat Shop is entirely unknown. The existence of it is only within the data of the game. According to data files, the cheat shop will be difficult to find, and will be "out of the way". That is to say, the player will not be able to access to Cheat Shop naturally, but rather will have to find some secret alternative to get to the Cheat Shop. However, this alternative does not include hacking, and can be gotten to by normal means.


  • The Cheat Shop is one of the few features not included in the Developer's Room.
  • The cheated passive ability Endless Magic is a nod towards Kingdom Hearts II, which has a similar ability with the same name. Instead of lowering MP costs, Endless Magic in Kingdom Hearts II gives Sora the capability to "unleash magic combos endlessly".

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