I really don't care as much as you think I do.

Deta is a character in the game Dawn of the New Hour. With sarcasm as her second language, she moves forward in life making her own path. That path has bumped into Sullivan's more than a few times throughout the years, and now they meet once again.



Before the update that changed the game into Aurum-status, Deta was shown in the game, hidden in a storage room aboard Sullivan's way of travel, which is now the Gateway. However, Deta was a much different character before her late development. Instead of brown and blue hair, her hair was a very bright blue. Instead of her outfit seen in the later updates, she wore just a small white dress. Her way of talking was much more childlike and innocent, and was originally planned to be Sullivan's younger sister. Due to development changes, the original entire background and sprite was wiped clean, and the character was remade completely from the ground up.

2017 - 2018

The Deta shown in the latest updates are the current version. She has her own unique look, with brown hair that fades into a dark blue tint and a green dress-like shirt and jeans. Her once childlike and innocent personality has been replaced with sarcastic banter, an independent outlook on life, and a sense of adventure. She also seems to be a little more antagonistic towards some characters.

First met in the original demo in a storage room, Deta now is met at random in the Aurum demo, showing up with her face away from the camera and always saying vague things, like "what to do..." and "where should I go now...". As for the full game, Deta has been confirmed to be met by the player officially during a main quest while being introduced to a new world. It is not confirmed as to just how the player and Deta meet in detail.


"I won't forget today. This memory stays with me."
—Deta during an event cutscene.
Deta has one very distinct outfit as of the Aurum demo, but nothing else has been confirmed or even show up in the game's files. An outfit called "Memories" is what the player can find her wearing as they encounter her. This outfit sports a green dress-like shirt with bare shoulders and loose sleeves. She wears dark blue jeans along with this shirt.


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  • Even though Deta likes sweets, she also really likes sour things too, like lemons.
  • Deta hates apple juice.
  • Deta has a cat named Suki.
  • It is currently unknown what role Deta will actually play in the story. The Developer has confirmed, however, that the character won't be outright protagnist or antagonist.

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