GameJolt is a website on the World Wide Web which allows gamers to show off their Indie-developed games. Some games could be made by a small team, while others could be made by a single person. Some games are free, and with a noticeable update in mid-2016, some games do cost a small price.


Players will have a chance in Dawn of the New Hour to log in to their GameJolt Account via a “GameJolt Tech Guy” or a computer (in-game). They will need their Username as well as their Gamer Token from their GameJolt account to log in. One benefit of logging in will allow a player’s score in certain mini-games to be uploaded onto the website to compete with other players high-scores on a Leaderboard. So far, only a Invaders-style mini-game has been added to the game. Others are planned in the future.

Another benefit of logging in is the cross-integration of Achievements. In Dawn of the New Hour’s DEMO Version 1.4, an Achievement menu was added to the player’s menu screen. Achievements listed here are also listed on the GameJolt page for the game. Any Achievements the player unlocks in-game will reward them in-game, and will also reward them via GameJolt by adding experience points to their Gamer Level.

Both of these additions need the player to be online to be fully implemented, but it is not necessary for the player to constantly be online to play Dawn of the New Hour. GameJolt is completely optional.

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