The Glitcher is a group of people who are said to study "the arts of the beyond".


The idea of the Glitcher group comes from a need of awareness. Those who enter the group acknowledge that there's more to life than their own existence. In one way, the organization is philosophical in that there's more to existence than existing. We're watching you. Play the Game.

Known Members

The Developer

The Developer is a character that acts as a messenger to the Player. They warn the Player on a fourth-wall scale. In short, (s)he warns the player of missing files, errors in the coding of the game, and prepares the Player before they begin the game. Waiting.

The Warper

The Warper is a character that acts as a cause of mischief. He aids in F and G's shop materialization, warping it from one place to the other if the Player leaves the shop. Sometimes, he'll even warp the Player to an entirely different area, despite coming from a previous area. Example of the Warper: The best example for this is the "DEMO X2" switch event, where the Player goes into the Magic Man's Bookshelf Room after completing both Demo Chapter 1 and Demo Chapter 2, and after receiving a mysterious call. Upon exiting the room in normal circumstances, the Player simply exits into the main area of the Magic Man's Shop. However, under these particular circumstances, the Player will be warped back into Sullivan's memory's, and then to an unknown character's memories. Only after going through the memory sequences will the Player be transported back to the Magic Man's Shop. Who's memory? Not his.

The Ghost

The Ghost is a character that acts as an unseen force. His purposes are unknown. Don't trust the emptiness. There's always something.

The Timekeeper

The Timekeeper is a character that acts as a keeper of the fourth-dimension. He stays the hand of time, or lets time run its normal course. His other purposes are unknown. The portal is opening Coming for you all.


The purpose of the Glitcher is to ultimately control the basics of moving forward: time, location, light and dark, and information. Experiment 103 is queued.


  • The Hooded Man was originally assumed by some to be a Glitcher. However, this was proven to be false.
    • Although the Hooded Man has knowledge outside of the game, this is not substantial proof of him being a Glitcher. Miranda also debunked this theory.