Jessica, also known as Grandma Jessie or Grandma Jessica, is a shopkeeper in Dawn of the New Hour. She also acts as a tutorial for movement and interaction at the beginning of the game.

She's one of the four family members of Sullivan to be shown in-game.



Jessica is a woman in her 70s with black hair streaked with white. She sometimes covers it was a black-and-red bandana. Her hair is curly and she often mentions that it is a mess. Sullivan gets his curls from her.

She can be seen wearing a purple jacket with a hood. Her jeans are a deep black with pockets. Occasionally she will be wearing a blanket draped over her shoulders due to being cold most of the time.

She's slightly shorter than Sullivan but slightly taller than Victoria

Due to her eyesight, she wears glasses. 


She has many stories about her past.



One of Grandma Jessica's first appearances.

In the Main House in Chapter 0, Jessica provides tutorial support for many aspects of the basics of the game. Things like walking, running, Fetch Quests, and cooking are all taught by her in Dawn of the New Hour - Full Game

Grandma Jessie's Talk and Shop, Magic and More

Jessica owns a shop called "Grandma Jessie's Talk and Shop, Magic and More". It focuses on magic-type objects and arcane arts. She also gives the player a quest that, upon completion, teaches the main party Blackout.


  • Jessica is referred to as "Grandma" by several characters, most of which aren't even family. 
  • In real life, Jessica requested that she have a half-Orc or half-Goblin work with her in the Magic Shop. 
  • Jessica is the only person in the game who smokes. 
  • Sullivan's enjoyment of cooking comes from years of seeing her cook. 
  • The first official screenshot of Jessica showed her requesting Sullivan to buy ingredients for dinner. This event is only in the full game, and therefore these events have never been seen outside of a screenshot. 
  • She is one of the four family members of Sullivan to be shown in-game. The other family members shown are Annette, Bo, and one other unconfirmed person. Other family members are mentioned only in dialogue.  
  • Jessica is allergic to shellfish.