New Woodbury is a world that appears in Dawn of the New Hour. It is the location for one of the WDF Headquarters. For the most part, this is a peaceful location, but the Church Basement and a newly-created tunnel system prove to have been infested by Nightmares.

Despite being such a low-populated place, New Woodbury is quite important. Besides the headquarters, the Magic Man is a resident here. The famous mage Lord Sain has also lived here all his life.


Main Town

The Main Town is the first location seen for New Woodbury, and also the largest. Main Town is a series of dirt paths connecting houses and shops, as well as the Inn and Pub. Hills and slopes start protruding closer to the North End, leading up to the Headquarters. To the South end, the path to the Woodbury Forest begins.


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Item Shop

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Magic Shop

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The Pub in New Woodbury.

The pub is located in the southeast section of the town. This is a meeting place for many of the citizens of New Woodbury. This is also a location for certain quests and quest-characters.

The bartender here sells certain items for consumption. She also is very informative, as she listens to the people who come in. Therefore, she has information on the going-ons of the town.

Accessory Shop

The accessory shop is owned by Cid. Here, he sells equipment that increases resistance to certain elements, such as fire and ice.


WDF Headquarters


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  • Slime
  • Flame Slime
  • Thunder Slime
  • Strange Slime
  • Powered Slime
  • Bat
  • Chimera


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See Also


  • New Woodbury used to be much smaller. The Elders in the Inn mention that the place has had heavy construction.
    • In the previous version of the demo, the smaller town, simply called "Woodbury", also had a character mentioning that construction would be taking place soon.
  • The WDF Headquarters here is closed in the demo version of the game. I the player bypasses the barrier somehow, they can enter the building. However, Nathan will be in there, telling the player that "you shouldn't be in here," then proceed to kick the player out of the building while taking some items and gold away from them.
  • The Magic Man's co-worker Regalo's first dialogue to the player was chosen by RL-Victoria.
  • The unknown character near the water fountain, wearing metal goggles on their face, is hinted to be another party member in the full game.
  • Three of the gravestones next to the church have names and messages on them. Two are confirmed to have been family members of Sullivan Miranda (RL-Sullivan), and the other is of a YouTuber who had passed away in 2015.
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