Niji the Supreme is a character introduced into Dawn of the New Hour - Aurum Demo and is set to appear in the full game. Claimed to be a "god" by some, Niji appears to be able to manipulate technology, energy, and data. He can also upgrade specific weapons and armor for the party if he is brought the right items. Stern and powerful, Niji weighs in with absolution and will stop at nothing to make perfection.


Niji wears an orange sleeveless jacket with black bottom trim. The hood extends outward and upward, colored blue. He wears a dark blue-black shirt underneath, with dark pants held up by a belt. Although not shown in the original artwork, Niji also wears pointed shoes.

Niji's green eyes seem to glow, along with his striking hair. Originally dark brown, the top of his hair glows bright blue, and radiates with energy.

Rough plans for Niji's character shows him consistantly with wires connecting through his jacket in various places, yet the official artwork does not show this off.


Niji faces the party with stern looks and a serious demeanor, yet will occasionally break this for banter or rough jokes. All jokes aside, he will keep to his business-like ways in most situations.

He shows a desire to upgrade pretty much everything he can get his hands on. For a price, he is willing to even upgrade weapons, armor, and items for the player to use in battle. He says his truest desire is to "create perfection", although what that entails remains a mystery.


In the Aurum Demo, Niji's willpower runs deep as the player is locked out of telling him what to do in combat. This makes him the first guest character to be self-controlled.

His abilities in battle relate to stat-boosting (upgrading) party members and negative effects (downgrading) enemies. He used his energy to create blasts, forcing the enemy to sometimes show signs of status effects with just a base attack.


  • Niji is the first non-controllable guest character in battle. However, it is not confirmed if he cannot be controlled on the field.
  • Niji's character is one of many based on a real-life person.
    • The official artwork for this character was released on the real-life person's birthday.
  • He holds an issue with germs.
  • He takes a liking to older technology, which the player can give him in exchange for help.
  • He knows something. He has seen something. We are watching.

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