Portums are cracks in the universe forced open by Nightmare energy. These act as doorways, with each one reactive with a different point.


Portums are circular in shape. Entry points seem to be revolving inwards, whereas exit points seem to be flowing outward. Portums can come in different colors: blue, red, green, yellow, and purple. They also act as a light source, radiating light in the same color as the portum itself.

Types of Portum

Stella Portum

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Tempus Portum

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Dangers of Use

Portums are holes ripped open, creating pathways between times or places. In fact, these holes are the Time Vortex itself being ripped open. Because of this, those who are unprepared to travel through these doorways can very well be physically harmed by the Vortex itself.

Another risk of traveling through these gateways is the unknown. Rouge portums (those not created with specific intention or ones not previously discovered) can lead to unexplored locations or times. This could cause sever complications, as the traveler might be thrust into a dangerous location or situation


  • Portums could be related to portals of many science fiction pieces. The ability to walk through them and have a risk of harm from the Time Vortex is very similar however to Corridors of Darkness from Kingdom Hearts II. Corridors can also be walked through, and those unprepared could easily take harm from the Darkness.

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