The Opening was an event that occurred before the events of Dawn of the New Hour. It signifies the event of the creation of holes in space and time, and multiple universes being ripped open by the Hooded Man.


In Universe 20-J, the man known as the Hooded Man discovered that is was possible to cross into other worlds. Finding it as a way to escape his own fate that he knew would come for him, he decided to escape to another world via a machine called the Dimensional Portal. By doing so, he successfully escaped to another world. This new world he hid in, until he was met by a Keeper, who had told him that he had inadvertently torn a small hole in that world’s universe by doing so.

The Hooded Man was charged with finding a way to fix the tear, but instead of doing so, he had discovered that the tear gave him the power to utilize more magical skill than he had learned in his own world. By this finding, he had concluded that by utilizing this newfound power source, he would not only be able to escape his fate, but face it head on and destroy it. He began travelling to different worlds and universes, in search of new powers and people to follow his purpose. By doing so, a large amount of rips and tears were created, thus creating the event of the Opening.

Bleeding Effect

The more rips and tears in between multiple universe and worlds, the more came out of them. The energy holding all these universes and worlds together in their proper times and places leaked out from these new holes. The effect didn’t cause damage to people, but rather it gave some people abilities they didn’t have before. According to Lord Sain, however, people did have the power to utilize magic as they grew, but their Souls were too weak to do so. The Bleeding Effect amplified some people’s knowledge and power even more so. For example, those who had found ways on their own or being taught how to use magic would be able to use it with less risk. Magic would come easier to some. More powerful magic would be available to others to use without any problem with doing so.

The Bleeding Effect has been utilized by Kristy and by Lord Sain to synthesize crystals that amplify the Soul’s strength enough to use magic. This is not to say that humans need Soul Crystals to use magic, but it helps those affected by the Bleeding Effect to utilize magic more often and without the risk of draining their soul or magical artifacts.


  • Miranda states that there’s significance in the Hooded Man’s origination coming from Universe 20-J, but hasn’t said why.
  • The Dimensional Portal, created in Universe 20-J, was not created by the Hooded Man. Rather, it was hijacked by him.